May 2010






For almost 30 years Kornelia has been one of my dance students, first in Babenhausen, then in Aschaffenburg. We never had a chance to really get to know each other, but when she suggested that we both get away and go on a trip together, I readily agreed. We discussed where we'd like to go, and when it would be possible since we both have busy work schedules. I suggested a cruise, since my experience in December was quite positive, especially since you travel, see many places, yet don't have to keep packing and unpacking your suitcase.... your hotel room roams with you.

We then came across this cruise with the American Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). It ended up being a fantastic trip! We had smooth seas, warm weather, and fun crews. We both found out we had lots in common and I'm sure many fellow passengers thought we were sisters! LOL

Enjoy our pictures... a small impression of a great trip!






Nature / Landscapes / Cats






Venice, Italy


Saturday, May 8


Saturday, May 15





Split, Croatia


Sunday, May 9





Corfu, Greece


Monday, May 10





Santorini, Greece


Tuesday, May 11





Mykonos, Greece


Wednesday, May 12





Crete, Greece


Thursday, May 13







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