Frankfurt World Cup Soccer Festival

June, 2006


The soccer world cup is in Germany this year and there are many activities going on about it. I'm no soccer fan, but you can't avoid wanting to join in the one or other event. Frankfurt is one of the cities that will be having games in it's stadium, so of course Frankfurt wants to present itself to it's guests from around the world.

One such event is the Skyline light show, held the weekend before the first games, June 3, 4, and 5, Lent weekend. I decided I wanted to see this one-time event so I drove into Frankfurt. Traffic was heavy, but I found a parking spot in a residential area of Sachsenhausen then walked perhaps 2 miles to the Main River.

Crowds were, as expected, heavy, but I managed to find a good spot for the show. Here are a few of the pictures I too.... of course, pictures at night don't come out all that well.

The show itself? On huge screens on the sides of some of the skyscrapers images were projected, plus there were lazor lights beaming around the skies. The first part was good, but I still had some trees blocking my view. The second half, which I could watch without problems, was... naja... lousy modern music (more noise then music), images projected on the screens that made no sense and had nothing to do with soccer.

Since there was no reason to return to the car right away due to heavy out-going traffic, I walked along the Main River bank and enjoyed the party atmosphere there. There were booths selling food and drink, tents with bands playing, and on the other bank a huge ferris wheel. The following are a few of the better pictures that managed to come out ok.












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