February 23, 2010


My 60th Birthday




My Office

It's a tradition at the office, that when someone has a "round" birthday (one with a "0" in it) their room gets dekorated. I was surprised to find they really did a good job on mine, since 4 co-workers were off on a business trip and 1 off sick.... but the remaining 2 did a fine job!


And, as is again tradition, the birthday person provides everyone with "breakfast". I ordered some cold cuts and cheeses at a local butcher shop, which were nicely arranged and the rolls put in a nice basket. It cost a pretty penny but then, you don't turn 60 that often. LOL


It's also "tradition" that the birthday person gets a free half day off. Since I'm normally on vacation or my birthday ends up on a weekend, this was I believe the first time in 15 years that I took advantage of that half-day!








After driving home, I then drove to Babenhausen where Regina was set up a birthday party with cake. Carsten joined us with his family and it was the first time in ages that I was surrounded by all 4 grandkids.


It was a VERY nice 60th birthday!!

















Wednesday was, as usual, dance class. Before the class began, my dancers marched into the room together, one gal carrying a try with candles, the others each carrying a yellow/pink rose. They made a circle and one of the gals read a poem she'd written (see below). Then, as another gal read off a meaning for each rose in a poem (Number one is for....., etc.), each dancer one by one presented me with their rose. It was very sweet!



Für Dorrie zum 60. Geburtstag


60 Jahr, kein Grund zu trauern

und schon gar nicht zu versauern!

Mit 60 ist man reifer,

manch werden steifer.

Das gewiss gilt nicht für DICH,

denn das Tanzen hält DICH frisch!

Machst die Sprünge, fast Spagat,

dass ich nur Bewund'rung hab!

Ja, auch liebe ich dein Lachen,

wenn wir andern Fehler machen.

Locker soll die Gruppe sein,

hüpft auch mal ein falsches Bein.


Tanzen lehren, das bringt viel.

Tanzen lehren, das hat Stil!


Fachfrau sein beim RP:

Manchmal tut die Arbeit weh.

Kollegen-Männer, das ist bekannt,

sind nicht immer nur charmant.

Tochter, Sohn und Enkelkinder

fordern öfters auch nicht minder.

Dennoch DORRIE

don't worry



Tanz mit uns in dieser Halle

lange noch, wir wünschen's alle!

Bleib gesund, hab frohen Mut,

das tut DIR und uns auch gut!


Tanzen lehren, das bringt viel,

Tanzen lehren, das hat Stil!