Babenhausen-Langstadt, Hessen


Moving In







A lot more renovation needed to be done on the new apartment then we originally hoped. Regina, Carsten, Frank, and a professional helper really got into the act!




door to the balcony


This wall definitely needed to be re-done....


and the "work" room.... too much pink




During most of the moving I used Regina's car, a Nissan, while she used mine, since hers has a huge trunk when the back seats get taken out. The day before the movers were to come, while I was parked at the local Practiker store (like Home Depot), Regina's car decided to go on strike! It just refused to start.... turn the key, and got nothing! I had to call my auto club, ADAC, the guy came and said it seems to be the ignition. I had to get towed!! So, waited for the tow truck, then got towed from Darmstadt to Babenhausen where I picked up my own car so that I could get home. What a mess!






after renovating the place, the movers packed the stuff where ever there was room.


For at least a week I had no kitchen, no telephone, no internet..... and then the weather got hot (95-100F) and muggy.... yuck!







first flowers, thanks Karen and Carsten





















Stand: 20.02.2011