January 2010




Janaury 7


Ice skating with the girls


Tamara did pretty good, considering it was her first time every on ice skates. But then, she's already a pretty good inline skater. Emely still needed help from her little "friend". And for me, it was the first time on skates in 30 years! I actually managed not to fall down....














Winter in January 2010

January 2010 brought the heaviest snow fall since 30 years! It's beautiful! I decided to leave my car in the garage and take the train to work.... good idea it was, too.





January 22


While watching the kids, I took them to the local playground. On the streets the snow was melted but here there was still a layer of snow. The cold/moisture made the black rims on the photos, but after shutting the camera and reopening it was fine again.... thought for a moment my camera could be broken.







up-date. 26.12.2011