Sick September



It was all planned. On August 31st I was to hop a plan for a flight to San Diego so I'd be there for my mom's 90th birthday. The return trip was to be via St. Louis so I could finally meet a favorite cyber sister.


A couple of days before the flight I had to cancel... I was admitted to a local hospital. I had been having coughing fits for some weeks, and occasional fever. My doc decided to get x-rays done and they did not look good, in fact, they feared I might have TB! So, I got admitted to the hospital and for the first days it was strict quarantine. My lungs were not getting enough air, so a long plane flight was out. Vacation canceled and in the end signed off sick at the office for the whole month of September.




This is how my visitors had to dress when visiting me (here Regina)







....and back home, short visits from my kids. Carsten and Karen brought me lunch regularly.





September 26.......finally visiting the kids.












up-date. 09.02.2012