Hessentag Flugtag 2009


June 13

What a show! All the preperations and stress paid off. The weather could not have been better and the organisation was top! That all made my job easier, because I could depend on the professional people behind the scenes and the performers.


The last count of the people attending.... 60,000!! And you must consider, the villiage only has a population of 13.409 (Stand März 2008)!




The boss of the FFH radio station and of the whole air show

Hans-Dieter Hillmoth


Germany's Minitser of Defense, Franz Josef Jung

yes, I got to shake his hand...


me together with the Minister President of the State of Hesse (comparable to governor), Roland Koch, and his wife



and together with 3 members of the Jordanian Royal Falcons

aerobatic team







all's quiet.... so far



and later, wall-to-wall people!



a small part of the technic.... the show was presented live on the radio station FFH which sponsored and organised the whole thing.



the moderator's desk





wing walker Peggy Krainz



Peggy "flirting" with one of the Jordanian pilots... he was telling her how much he enjoyed her show


photographers were everywhere



in the lower right is a Jumbo on approach to Frankfurt airport. The air field is located just below (air space class "C" beginning in 3,500 ft)


3 of the Jordanians in formation



and once again catching a bird flying with them



you can't tell here, but this REAL helicopter did aerobatics, including loops and upside down stunts... fantastic!





then the special shape balloons started to appear















a new balloon in the shape of a fire truck was "baptised" by the local fire department chief, Mr. Olbrich on the left, and the mayor of Langenselbold (in the suit)












view of the audience from the other side of the field




"Mad Mike", crazy parachute jumper, has landed



I missed the night glow, but found this video which makes me wish I had stayed. But after being at the airfield for over 10 hours I was ready to go home....