Visit with "Golden Bough"

Margie and Paul


July 8, 2009


July 22 & 23, 2009



In spite of very short notice, I was able to get the day off for a surprise visit by my friends Margie and her husband, Paul. I grew up with Margie... we lived on the same street, played together, went to school together (she was in my younger brother Carl's class). We always thought she and Carl would get married, but they didn't.... luckily for her! She is musically talented and Carl isn't! LOL

Together with Paul they started up the group "Golden Bough", specializing in Irish/Celtic music. In 1984 I arranged one of their first concerts in Germany and it was a big success! More concerts followed, but then every day life caught up with all of us and we almost lost contact.

Then I received an email from my dad saying they had contacted him to ask for my email and phone number. It was quite a surprise when Margie called me on my cell phone saying they were flying through Frankfurt on their way to Bulgaria and had a change in schedule, giving them a 7 hour layover.... could we perhaps meet?

I managed to get off work, met them at the airport, drove them to my place where we spent the rest of the time until their departure catching up on our lives. Regina also arrived with her two kids.

Soon they were asked to perhaps sing for the kids, which they happily agreed to. Paul packed out his guitar and Margie her travel harp and they played..... and the kids were more then enthralled! It was a FANTASTIC visti!









Paul let Tamara play the harp... and she really played!
















 At Regina's request they sang our favorite song, "Black Jack Davy"




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