Carsten's Birthday 2009 and


Slumberparty with Regina, Tamara, and Emely



































Slumber Party with Regina, Tamara, and Emely


Regina and the kids didn't attend Carsten's party because all three have a touch of a cold... not good around babies. We had planned to let Tamara and Emely spend the night with me for some time, just in case it would become necessary some day. Both girls were looking forward to spending the night and it went really well.



watching TV





story telling time






early morning cuddles






play time


After Regina left in my car to go to work, I played a bit with the kids then took them in their car (because of the car seats) to visit the nearby airfield. They loved seeing all the airplanes. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures! We then drove to Regina's office, again traded cars, went to Burger King for lunch, and went on our separate ways.


Maybe next time the kids will agree to stay over without mommy along.......




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