Babysitting at Regina's

April 25, 2009



Regina had to work, so she asked me if I could babysit. Now, what grandma would refuse? lol The weather was chilly at first, but still nice enough for a walk with the girls. So that's what I did, all the way from their home to downtown Babenhausen.




The lilacs were in full bloom.


the weeping willow I once planted on the "Lache" creek


the "Gersprenz" river











The girls were so good they deserved a reward, so I treated them to ice cream at the local downtown ice cream parlor. There Emely met one of her friends, Charis.












Tamara, our little dreamer....





On the walk home we stopped by Regina's office, then went home together. Before closing shop, the girls were kept busy with drawing, their favorite past time.







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