El Cajon Valley High School

40th Class Reunion


August 23 and 24, 2008



The Poem







Me, Janis Ferree, Anna (Drotleff) Habetler




Fred and Cheryl (Tate) Carrera,

Marvin Bauer, Jim Bolda



Jim Supinger and



pretty gals!



Janis Ferrie


Sunday, August 24


More party!


We got together once more, this time at a ranch-type home of Judge Hodgkinson up in Lakeside. It was HOT and humid that day, so we all gathered under the shade of a tarp John had put up. The blue tarp is the reason some of the photos have a blue tinge to them. We had enough food and drinks available to make everyone happy. Another fun time had by all!















Kathy Mundy


Richard Massena and his wife


Claudia Bolda






Richard Massena and Marvin Bauer



Mary Spirkoff









Phil Smith and Jim Bolda







yes, I also got my feet wet



Phil Smith having a fine time


Charlie Truax and John Hodgkinson




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