Visiting "Wizardress"

June 1 - 4, 2007


Day Three.... Amsterdam



Through the blog site "Journalspace" I met Lori, or better known as "Wizardress". Like me, she's an American gal who living in Europe, in her case, in Holland. Through our journals we discovered that we had lots in coming and hoped to meet some day. That day finally arrived!


I boarded the fast ICE and arrived in Amsterdam after only 4 hours. Lori and her husband, Marcel, arrived to pick me up and we drove to their home to spend an unforgetable weekend.



Shila somehow knew I was leaving her behind.....


Day One.... arrival


During the ride, I managed to take this film from the front of the train....





The view from Lori's balcony....



Lori and Mr. Mistoffeless





at their favorite beach restaurant








Day Two ... Trip to Alkmaar


The weather remained perfect and we drove through the countryside, ending up in Alkmaar. We took a walk through the streets, then decided to take a canal boot ride.... and had the most fun!!


Mr. M. keeping me from writing in JS!

























The boot ride on the canal was so much fun because about every 2 minutes, we had to duck so we could fit under the many bridges without banging our heads!





This was one of the higher ones....



get ready to duck!!!












will we fit?

















birds building a nest....

























notice the bird?


We laughed so much every time we had to duck under the bridges!


After our marvelous day in Alkmaar, we drove to the beach. It reminded me a lot of California. I noticed many more shells along the water in the sand, and there were lots of jelly fish that the kids played with. Marcel stayed sitting on a bench while Lori and I took a walk along the shore.....