Visit to Heidelberg

with Carsten and Family

Thursday, June 7, 2007


One of Karen's dance students, Erika, had invited us all to her home in Heidelberg. Thursday, June 7, was a holiday so we took advantage of that and piled in two cars for a trip to Heidelberg. There we were treated to a dinner and later, after returning from a long walk to downtown, coffee and cake.


The visit was quite international. Besides Carsten and me as Americans, Carsten also representing the Germans, Karen and her family respresenting India, Erika is actually from Romania and she had her sister-in-law visiting who is from Hungary! What a language mess!





Erika and Shiana












chatting with Melvin







Erika's sister-in-law with an unhappy Shiana




Taking a rest from our walk; with Karen's best friend












In front of one of the churches was the remains of a flower carpet. It's a tradition on "Corpus Christi" to lay out motives done in flowers with a procession going from one to the next, with prayers and blessing being said at each.
























update: 04.12.2010