Regina and Frank Spies Family 2006


On January 14 Regina finally managed to visit me with her whole family. Actually, there was a reason behind it.... she was delivering her cat, Shila, for me to cat-sit the next weeks. They wanted to see if the reason behind the family constantly having colds, etc. were do to cat allergies.








wrapped in the blanket that I enjoyed as a child


and the cat hiding under my bed.



Short visit,

January 26





February 5


It was time for Regina and her family to see their cat again, so they came by for a short visit.













Going Shopping mith Mommy and Grandma Dorrie

March 24






on Grandma's bed... all pooped out


but soon active again


April 2, 2006

Tamara has a demo with the gymnastics club












April 17, 2006


Tamara with dad and the Bunny cake


Vacation in Mallorca, Spain











Family visit an May 28

Since Karen's mom, sister, and nephew were returning to India on the 29th, Regina invited them and me to a final "family reunion".

The weather held up long enough for some garden activity.




Karen's nephew, Melvin, and her mom




Karen and her sister, Prity





and with Frank's mom, Martha




A Day at the Vivarium (Darmstadt's zoo)

July 23, 2006











August 18, 2006

















Summer Moments August 2006










that's a MUSHROOM!


















the little boots I brought back from San Diego with me


up-date. 29.11.2010