13 and 7 are Lucky Numbers


It was a hot summer night on July 12, 1976. It was one of the hottest since who knew when.


I sat on our balcony together with H.-M. and some friends. We enjoyed a nice punch called “cold duck”. The punch consisted of 2 bottles of white wine, 1 bottle of champaign, and one lemon. It needs to be served very cold, which was quite refreshing in the heat. But, carrying around a big tummy was beginning to get to me. The baby had already wanted to come 8 weeks too soon so the doctor had ordered me to rest, stop dancing, and take it easy. Not very easy with a 2 year old in the house!


At seven the next morning, July 13, the contractions started. Looks like this baby wanted to finally greet us… or was it the “cold duck”? To be on the safe side, we drove to the clinic.


After the usual checks, the contractions stopped. But since it was near term, they decided to keep me there. I met my room mate and then my hubby left for home to take care of our little boy.


The room was located on the top floor of the flat roofed hospital. I believe it was the 12th floor or something. The heat really beat down and the windows were fixed so that they could only be tipped and not opened… too many women with “baby blues” might attempt to jump… can’t have that happening! The poor girl next to me had already had her baby, which had to be in a special clinic. She wasn’t nursing and was told not to drink much, which was difficult in that heat.


I was told to press the button for the nurse if the contractions should begin again…. which they then did around 7 or so in the evening! I pressed the button and got wheeled back down to the delivery room. There my favorite nurse, a cute red head, had duty. “I didn’t expect to see you again today” she said. They did the usual tests, and then we waited. Around 10 p.m. my favorite nurse had to go home, and she was replaced by a black haired young and small nurse. My doctor by-the-way was on vacation…. of course! The assistant on duty, as well as this black-haired witch, didn’t seem to know much…. and I wasn’t all that knowledgeable myself. After all, it was only my second birth! The contractions had stopped again. The nurse gave me a shot on instructions from the doc, telling me it wouldn’t hinder the contractions if they came back but would let me sleep.


About an hour later the water broke! I was all alone in the room… and quite dazed from the shot. I located the button and pushed. The black witch came in and asked what was wrong. I tried to tell her my water had broke but I couldn’t talk properly. I remember her yelling at me, as if it was no big thing and no reason for pushing the button. But soon the contractions get heavier… I was still dazed. I couldn’t talk right, I mixed up German and English. My legs wouldn’t stay bent up, they kept slipping down. The black witch yelled at me again! Roughly translated she said:  “Behave yourself!”. But I couldn’t! I was drugged!


The next morning, at around 9, the nurses came in to clean me up. I said “what for? I haven’t had my baby yet!” They looked at me, I noticed the band on my wrist, and slowly the nightmare of the night before came back. “Is it a girl or boy?” I asked. “We’ll have to go check the files!” they answered. They didn’t know! While they were gone, I told the other girl in my room that I was sure it was a boy… I wouldn’t be lucky enough to have a girl, too. But they came back and informed me that it was indeed a girl! At 15 minutes before midnight, on July 13, my lovely daughter


Regina Ellen


had been born. I called hubby to inform him since even he hadn't been notified that he was the father of a little girl!



being watched over by "big" brother Carsten


Now this little Angel has turned into a lovely young woman.

with Shila


And today this lovely gal is a mother herself of two beautiful little girls.



July 13, 2006.... your 30th!!