Heinerfest, Darmstadt

with Regina and Co.

July 1, 2006


Regina and her family were driving to Darmstadt to do some shopping and called to see if I wanted to join them. We met, did a bit of shopping, then took the kids to the Heinerfest... the biggest and most important fair in Darmstadt.

Emely looks happy!


and big sister Tamara, too!


Tamara on the carousel.. pity the poll got in the way, but it moved too fast

not wanting to get off....


riding the ferris wheel with daddy and Oma Dorrie... mommy and Emely stayed below






it's a biggy!


I rode this water ride... fun, but too short!


After they left I went on a duty trip which led me to Mühlheim/Main. There I took a few pictures of the waterfront.





While I was shopping, I noticed that a few FIFA items are on sale.... the World Cup Soccer Game isn't over yet, but especially items for teams that are out are reduced... so, I got myself a cap of the team I supported, Trinidad-Tobago. For a small country, they sure did a good job!



And on July 3rd I went again to the Heinerfest.... here some impressions....






from the ferris wheel I could see the skyscrapers of Frankfurt




the cow on the balcony




ferris wheel was right next to this ride


crowds waiting for the fireworks


Just by chance I was at a pavallion to see what was going on there.... and made it just in time

to see a performance by a Ukrainian dance group!


getting ready







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