Tamara Ellen



Visiting Tamara, April 9, 2004


Visitng "Grandma", May 4

it's sooo nice on Grandma's shoulder

but on mommy's lap it's even better....

on Great-Great-Grandma's blanket

(look at MY baby pictures! heehee)

June 2, 2004

look! I can sit all by myself!!

Mama to the rescue!

Grandma Dorrie visiting again....


Look! I can sit all by myself!!!

Ready for summer

July 2004

Finally summer!!

August 2004

Visiting the Babenhausen "Waldfest" with Daddy Frank and friend Dave

(Mommy and Grandma Dorrie were there, too)

Tammy has a new friend!!

Tamara is one year old!!

Mother and daughter

it's Halloween time!

Grandma Dorrie

Daddy trying to tame Tamara

Mama Regina on HER first birthday !!

October / November / December 2004

Visting Carten and Karen, October 30, 2004


Karen and Carsten invited Regina, Frank, Tamara, and me for coffe and tea... Tamara immeditately went off inspecting the new surroundings. She brought along her "baby", the doll Karen is holding in the left picture, which was my birthday present to her on her 1st birthday.


with daddy

with Mommy

Grandma Dorrie's  present seem to be a success

Grandma Dorrie making a mess of all the wrappings

Franks's parents, Martha and Joseph



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