Regina's marriage to Frank Spies

July 7, 2002


Standesamt / Civil ceremony





On July 7, 2002, my parents safely arrived after a long flight. I had been worried about their trip since they're not longer the healthiest or youngest anymore. I should have known better! Of course we spent the first days getting them adjusted to the time-change and doing some visiting. I showed them my office and introduced them to my colleagues. Otherwise we just took things easy. Weather was fine, so far. 


The civil ceremony took place on Thursday, July 11, in the Babenhausen Old Mill. The Old Mill was at one time a source for electricity for the town. It had deterorated over the years but was recently remodeled with a café and nice rooms for such important events such as weddings. Slowly the family members and friends started to gather. It was especially nice to see the Regina's German Grandmother (Oma), Melitta, was also able to make it for the ceremony. Regina and Frank were officially man and wife! 


After the ceremony we went to their home where a big tent had been set up in the back yard for a nice social gathering of everyone. The weather had turned a bit rainy, but that didn't spoil the good mood and celebrations!




Mama Frank and Grandmother Regina



Dad, Mom and Me



Mama Frank with Sabine Bauer, the Bride's witness (Trauzeugin)






the happy Bride



Daughter and Mother




Mom, Dad, Christine Neumann, Oma, Me again


Party Time




Church Wedding