Church Ceremony / Kirchliche Trauung

July 13, 2002



The wedding day, July 13, didn’t start very good for me. Short before midnight, I discovered that my right eye was swollen and black! Luckily it didn’t effect my eyesight, but it made me feel lousy the whole day!! Of all days for something like that to happen!


I was able to drive, though the pressure on my eye bothered me. We arrived at the church early, as usual for me J. We found our seats, greeted friends and relatives that we hadn’t seen for soooo long. My eye was immediately obvious to all, but what could I do? It was a dark, rainy day so I couldn’t run around with sunglasses.. heehee. Frank arrived with the bridal bouquet. The ceremony was going to be a mix of American and German tradition, meaning Frank would be at the altar waiting for his bride and wouldn’t get to see her until she walks down the aisle. He gave me the bouquet for me to bring to Regina. So I went outside and she drove up with her dad in an American Ford Fairlane, a real Oldtimer from 1958. The rain had stopped just in time. When she opened the door and she stepped out I started to cry! She was so beautiful!!! I gave her a big hug and gave her the bouquet. 


Robert Neumann, Regina’s cousin, played the organ, Father Dach from Babenhausen did the service. The whole service was very well done! There were the serious moments as well as moments for laughter. Thank you Father Dach for finding the right words!














After the service, we all went outside were again the weather decided to be friendly and it had stopped raining. Pictures were taken, there was lots of hugs and hand shaking. Then it was time to drive off for the reception. The Oldtimer wouldn’t start! Jumper cables had to be found and the battery jumped before they could get it going, but they managed.












The reception was at the social hall of Babenhausen’s catholic church. It was beautifully decorated (thanks Annette!)! For entertainment we had the duo “Free Eagles” and many games arranged by various friends. The buffet was great! There was definitely no chance of anyone starving! Of course Regina and Frank did the first dance, after that the floor was open to all. Interestingly enough, the “young folk” did very little dancing! After Frank’s mom and I brought in the wedding cake, the 2 of us showed the youngsters how to party!! Right Martha? The dance floor was dominated by the “older” generation, including Wolfgang, Regina’s uncle. 





"Free Eagles"
















Everything was perfectly arranged. It was really a day to remember (except for my stupid eye). Frank and Regina…. I wish you both all the happiness and joy for your future together!!