Multi-Class Reunion

El Cajon Valley High School

September 15 - 16, 2001


In spite of the events happening in the East Coast, life doesn't stop! One of the other reasons for visiting San Diego was a planned class reunion of my high school class. This year a multi El Cajon Valley High School class reunion was planned. It was to take place on September 14 and 16. It was decided that, in spite of the events, the reunion would still take place. I didn't manage the get-together on the 14th, but I did attend the dinner on the 15th and the brunch on the 16th.


Unfortunately not many from my class, 1968, attended, but it was still a fun event!




Marvin - Carolyn - Leonie - Tina - me - Barbara - Charlie


with Marvin


All over there the city public events were canceled and memorial services taking place, including at Balboa Park. I was still worrying about my flight back to Frankfurt.... whether I would get a flight at all and WHEN!