Trip to Arandjelovac, Jugoslavia

August 16 - 25, 1975


Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures...the originals aren't much better.......



The Slavic-American Society from Oakland, California, organised a dance workshop in Arandjelovac, Jugoslavia, and together with members of "Slawia" in Frankfurt I was able to attend. Needless to say it was an exciting trip! And it was here that I got introduced to the Romanian dance "Floricica".


























There was lots of dancing, both indoors and out. Plus sight-seeing trips, including taking part in a wedding celebration. As a gift, the group put some cash together and presented the bridal couple with a set of dishes.




One evening we had a surprise. One of the guests of our hotel was a (in the East) well-known violinist, Igor Oistrach (sp). A concert was arranged in the fancy large salon (the room pictured above with the chandeliers). At first I wasn't all that thrilled with a violin concert, in spite of having once learned to play myself.

Oistrach played with his back to the balcony doors and he was accompanied by a pianist on a grand piano. Toward the end of the concert, a thunder storm developed outside, and during his excellent play, behind him lightning flashed making a great light affect!! I will never forget that!