Petra visits the USA


In April 1972, Michael's sister, Petra, flew over with me for a short visit to California. This was Petra's first trip over the ocean and it was fun showing her around.




Petra, Mom, Dad, me, and Michael

Petra on the bridge to Tijuana, Mexico


with Linda Armstrong


Petra at my old High School


with my parents dog, Sandy


in the front yard




at the Pacific Ocean





with dad



Petra and me



at the San Diego Zoo


me "bravely" feeding the elephant


an the way to the desert... notice, no guard rails!



me, Petra, and Sandy


At Borrego we stayed at the Palm Canyon camp ground. This place turned into one of my favorite places in years to come and I tried to visit there whenever I could. My son, Carsten, also loves this place.


There's a path you take from the camp ground to a narrow canyon which has a small river and palm trees growing at it's banks, thus the name.






















Palm Canyon



Petra with Mom and Sandy


Back in San Diego we visited Point Loma.






this is my favorite photo







Of course, no trip to California would be complete without a visit to Disneyland, another of my all time favorite places.















Back in San Diego, we visited the Wild Animal Park, which at this time was fairly new. And of course Sea World was on our schedule.






and at Seaworld





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