My Civil Wedding

February 2, 1970


My marriage to Hans-Michael Schäfer began on February 2, 1970, with the civil ceremony together with his family in Herzberg, Germany.


Since it was winter, it was expected that I wear a BLACK suit! Together with Michael's mother, Melitta, we shopped around Göttingen trying to find something fitting. I would have preferred blue, or any other color... but BLACK? We did find a cute mini-skirt with blazer combination.... which still hangs in my closet today, 38 years later!


Michael didn't have a suit so he wore his pilot's uniform. Later we found out that he should have asked his company for permission first! oooops






Witness, cousin Klaus Schäfer



signing our lives away....




Michael's parents, Melitta and Günther



in yellow, witness family friend Marlies












visiting Aunt Doris in Frankfurt-Höchst



I still have my suit.... in 2008 (sorry, bad hair day lol)!




up-date: 23.10.2011