My Church Wedding

February 23, 1970


My marriage to Hans-Michael Schäfer began on February 2, 1970, with the civil ceremony together with his family in Germany. A day later I flew back to California to start preparations for the church ceremony which then took place on my birthday. It was a Monday, but also a holiday. Michael had arrived just a couple of days before.

Here are a few of the photos documenting this day in my life.








putting in the "lucky" penny



Bridesmaid Debbie Armstrong putting on the garter




guests signing in at the church, Cheryl Tate watchin over



my arrival, Bridesmaid Terry Starkey holding the veil



the groom shows Father where to sign the German family book



Michael and my older brother, Bob



waiting for the bride.....

Michael - Bob - Carl


Carl leads mom down the aisle



my Grandpa Fagan

behind him, Cindy Armstrong, Mrs. Butler, Margie Butler



Bridesmaid Debbie



Bridesmaid Terry






















greeting Terry's dad


greeting Margaret Baker and "Igor" from the folk dancers


Mrs. Coronado with daughters


In 1959 I was flower girl at Mrs. Coronado's wedding. In the mean time, from what I've heard, she became an alchoholic and commited suicide.











Debbie, Cindy, and Mrs. Armstrong






dad with his father-in-law, Grandpa Fagan



Joe Smith with Grandpa Fagan



Girl talk with mom, me, and Harriot Smith



with Mrs. Butler







Carl the bartender. Boy was he handsome back then











throwing the bouquet



caught by Linda Armstrong



removing the garter




Caught by folk dance friend Joe Cambell (jumping up) who some years later died in a car accident. From what I heard, a drunken driver hit him as he left a restaurant with friends.












The dress still fits.... 2008






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