1966 / Trip to East Coast and back


In August 1966, during summer vacation, my parents, Carl, and I hopped in our car and started on a long tour, by car, to the East Coast and back! Of course we did some sightseeing on the side, as well as visiting various relatives along the way. Our trip included driving through the following States:

California - Arizone - New Mexico - Texas - Oklahoma - Arkansas - Tennessee - Mississippi - Alabama - Georgia - South Carolina - North Carolina - Virginia - Maryland - Washington DC - New Jersey - Delaware - New York - Conneticut - Rhode Island - Massachusetts - Pennsylvania - West Virginia - Ohio - Indiana - Illinois - Missouri - Kansas - Nebraska - Wyoming - Idaho - Utah - Nevada

This was the car we drove in... all the way! >


One of our first stops was the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Carl - me - dad



Of course we made more stops on the way East, but it seems we didn't take many pictures... or I don't have them. Anyway, we reached Summerville, South Carolina, where we visited Uncle George and Auntie Irene. On Lake Marion they rent out cabins and boats to fishermen.

We then went on our way, stopping in Washington DC....

Next stop, Lake Wallkill, New Jersey. There we stayed at my grandparents place. While there, my Uncle John (my dad's brother) came to visit with his family.


Grandma Joan, dad's mom

grandpa Boss, dad's step-dad, and dad

one of my cousins

Uncle John and dad

the clan

New York, Fall River and other Stops


Fall River: That's the out-of-service battleship USS Massachussetts docked at the right of the bridge.

We visited my uncle, brother of my mom (in picture above with me and Carl), and his family at the home where my mom grew up in (312 Durfee Street).


Then it was on the road again.....

I especially remember driving through Nebraska and the windshield getting covered with dead grasshoppers! Yuck!



Old Faithful

Las Vegas


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