El Cajon, California

1957 - present

This entry is about the house we bought in El Cajon. As of composing this entry, my parents live in an extension built in the backyard and my younger brother lives in the original section with his wife. Over the years not only the house has obviously changed but also the whole of El Cajon... but that's a different story.


The house was one of 21 built in a similar style. Ours was the "middle" house and had 4 bedrooms. We were the second family to move.... Tates on our left were the first if I remember right. Our housing was named "Olive Acres". As you can, everything is quite bare...

We soon added a patio complete with a roof, which was much needed in the California sun. The patio floor were cement squares with Mexican motives presses into them. Trees and grape vines were planted, a pool added. And a dog, Pinto, was added to our family.


Carl in the front yard

in the background is Tate's house