We continued with work and camping.  We went to a different campground almost every time we went out with the group.  We were really exploring the area and enjoying it thoroughly.  Some were nearby and others not too far away.  One outing in the desert with Bob and Mary was a State Park with no hook-ups.  It was a good outing until it starting to rain. Monday was a holiday so we decided to stay over.  Everyone else left on Sunday in the heavy rain.  We thought Monday would be better. We had the Ideal trailer and Bob and Mary slept in the truck.  However, it didnít stop raining, so we had to leave in the rain anyway.  When we arrived home, we found out that the Navy was looking for Bob.  It was not a holiday for him like he thought.  So he had some explaining to do.  They said they checked everywhere for him and began to think he might be in trouble.  His explanation was okay and he didnít get into any trouble for being away without permission.


Other places we camped at were Dos Pico, K-Q Ranch, Wooded Hills in the Lagunaís, San Onafre State Park, Mission Bay, Crestwood Lakes, Boulder Oaks, Butterfield Ranch, Woodís Valley.  We took a week off in December and drove to Organ Pipe Cactus Park which is in Arizona next to Mexico.





Then came 1974 and Van decided that he would like to take a trip cross-country in the trailer.  Visit Sarasota where his brotherís family live and see his mother and Bill who visit Florida every winter to get away from the cold weather in New Jersey.  When we discussed our plans, I felt sure I could get a leave of absence for six months, so I tried. When they finally let me know that I couldnít have the leave of absence, I told them that I would have to resign.  They tried to talk me out of it, but I told them that my husband wanted to make the trip and I would like to go with him.  So when I did turn in my resignation, they couldnít believe that I really meant it.


They gave me a royal sent off.  A party at the office and another at a restaurant. So off we went in April to the East Coast.  At the same time, there was a gas war on.  Gas was $.49 a gallon and it was getting scarce.  We went on our way anyway.  All that worry and we never had a problem all the way cross-country.  We took our time and stopped at Tombstone, AZ, Big Bend National Park, the Alamo at San Antonio, TX, and we stopped at many others places before we reached Sarasota, FL in May and we stayed at the SuníN Fun Park for 3 weeks.


While there we visited Vanís brotherís family.  Wife Pat and the four boys Doug, Eric, Andy and Alan.  All in their teens, well behaved and very active in school.  They had a friend with MS and they pushed him everywhere they went.  He was part of all their fun time.


John and Pat had loads of friends and we met them all.  They had many house parties while we were there and lots of good food and singing. John worked for the telephone company and Pat is a registered nurse.  They keep very busy all the time and they always had time to spend with us.


We enjoyed living at SuníN Fun Park.  They had lots of entertainment for the campers.  They had Bingo every week and a large swimming pool and friendly people from all over the country.






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