Family Trip





Bob and Mary were in the area so we planned a trip to the Grand Canyon.  Bob and Mary would use the motor home that the Bradleys drove to Alaska .  We were all excited about the trip and we had all the maps etc. ready to go.  Our first stop was Calico Ghost Town, then the next day on to Hoover Dam.  We took the tour, huge and very interesting.  Our next stop was Las Vegas and Bob was starting to have trouble with the motorhome.  Got the radiator fixed, but the water tank  was leaking, so they couldnít use the toilet any more.  But since that had nothing to do with the motor home operating, we could still travel together.  We stayed several nights in Las Vegas and we were enjoying the slots  until Mary got all excited about winning.  She came to tell us and forgot about her purse and when she went back to get it.  It was gone.  She didnít have much money in it, but all her IDís were gone.  We reported it and they suggested we check the trash can because they usually take out what the want and throw the rest away.  No luck.

We left Las Vegas the next morning and drove thru the Valley of Fire and stayed in Hurricane, Utah and drove just the truck to Zion National Park.  The kids were really enjoying all the sights.  Everything was so different for Michael.  He really thought everything was great.  The next day on the trip, we stopped at Pipes Springs.  A very small park with an old cottage full of antiques.  They had an old pipe organ and Michael was really interested in details about it.  He asked if he could play it and they gave him the okay.  He was thrilled.  Even, as old as it was, it still sounded very good and lovely.

Our next stop would be the Grand Canyon.  We stayed there five days and the kids were on their own much of the time.  We were all having a good time in spite of the trouble with the motor home and Maryís purse.


We arrived home, safe and sound, and tired.  Dorrie and Michael flew back to Germany and Bob and Mary brought the motor home back to the Bradleys.  We were thankful that we didnít have any engine trouble with the two trucks.




updated: 20.11.2011