June 5, 1971


We started to go camping quite a bit.  Met a lot of new people who became good friends.  One was the Bradleys from Lakeside.  On one of our outings in the desert, Bob was back in El Cajon and thought he might join us later. He was to be transferred to Monterey to the Language School there.  The Bradley’s daughter Mary was at the outing and Bob did drive out to join us.  This was when he met Mary.  It was the Thanksgiving Holidays in 1970 and they were married the next June 5, 1971.

Ira Bradley were planning a trip to Alaska in a truck that he had remade into a motor home.  Mary was to go with them, but when she met Bob, she decided that she did not want to go.  The motor home was very tiny and without Mary they would have more room.  So Mary and Bob planned to get married before they left on their journey.

I wasn’t much help to the Bradleys getting all the things ready for the wedding.  I was recuperating from gall-bladder surgery.  For years, at night I would get these terrible pains.  I take an aspirin and the pain went away and forgotten until one day, the pains came back at the office.  Mr. Bailey had me call Van and have him take me to the Kaiser clinic.  When I told the doctor what I felt, he knew right away what was wrong and that surgery was necessary.  So I had surgery around April and had to take it easy for six weeks before going back to work. 

Ginny Bradley said she had plenty of help with the wedding plans, so not to worry.  Grandpa Fagan and Auntie (Irene’s mother) came out for the wedding.

They  were married in Lakeside at Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  There were a lot of relative on the Bradley side there and the reception was in the school hall.  Everything went along very well.

Carl did graduate in June and surprised us with the news that he was going in the Army.  I was very unhappy about that.  I could understand the Navy but the Army?  He said that he was tired of the Navy.  He’ll learn.

All our family were leaving us now.  Dorrie in Germany,  Bob   married and moving with the Navy, and now Carl joining the Army.  We drove up to Fort Ord  for his  graduation.  It was not as inspiring as Bob’s Navy Ceremony. But he was looking forward to where he would be transferred.  He had hoped for Germany, but no such luck,  he was transferred to heavy equipment on the East Coast.




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