ECVHS Reunion 2008

Saturday, 23 Aug. 2008

I managed to attend the 2008 reunion. Here are a few of the pictures. 

By chance the night before I got an inspiration and wrote a poem. I called it “ Memories in a bag“ I had with me a cloth bag my mom had sewn and I had a few ECVHS items in it which I removed and described

.Marvin Bauer had the „priviledge“ of introducing me. Thanks Marv!

Here you see my school sweater and the previous reunion T-shirts.

Here I am reading the poem. The poem I’ll add in an extra entry.

And  of course I got to meet lots of former classmates. It was great fun!! Some of the lower, individual portraits were taken at the Sunday get-together.

One of my main reasons for the poem, I noticed that my former best friend, Terry Starkey, wasn’t on the list of the deceased.

Cheryl Tate

Micki Hatch

Mary Spirkoff

Janis Ferree

Jim Bolda

Jim Supinger

Phil Smith

Kathy Mundy