In 1966 I took part in a speech contest at my high school. Reciting the following story I managed 6th place. It's such a touching story that I thought I'd share it here with you.

Many of you may be familiar with Dale Evens and her husband Roy Rogers from the television show in the 1950's.


Angel Unaware

by Dale Evens Rogers


 This is the two year life story of Robin Elisabeth, a Mongoloid baby girl born to Roy Rogers and Dale Evens on August 26, 1950. Mrs. Rogers believed that the child was sent on a mission from God, in order to bring them closer to Him. After Robin's death, August 24, 1952, Mrs. Rogers wrote this book as if this is what Robin said after accomplishing her mission on earth.


Oh Father, it's good to be back home again. When you lifted me up from down there Mommy and Daddy were crying.... everything was sad, dark, and confusing. Then all of a sudden it was all bright, clear, and happy again, for I was back in Your arms again. it was quite an experience. When You sent me on the earthly mission, I never thought so much could be accomplished in two short years.


On August 26 I woke up in a place they called a "hospital". A lot of people were standing around me in whiter robes... just like up here, Father, white everywhere around. Then one of them said, "she's blue". I didn't know what they meant but I knew everthing was going according the The Plan. Then they spanked me a little to make me cry, then put me in a funny thing they called an "oxygen box".


A lot of doctors and nurses stood looking at me and wispering among themselves. They started doing all sorts of things to make me move and when I didn't, they told each other: there was something wrong.... I didn't respond to their tests the way the other babies did. "Poor souls"....if they only knew. I wanted to tell them it was all according to The Plan.


They brought me in to see my earthly mother a little later and she seemed so happy. But one thing that was funny.... nothing was ever said about my "condition" in front of her... until one day the nurse slipped and told mama that I was what they called a "borderline" baby. When mama started to cry, the nurse tried to console her. "Don't be worried. Even though there is a thin line between a genius and insanity, some handicapped children turn out exceptionally brilliant!"


When the time came for out release mommy asked, what could be done? The doctor just told her they have institutions for children like me, but really the best thing they could do would be to take me home and love me. So that's what they did.


When I got home, in Hollywood, there was a sweet nurse there waiting named Donna. But she only stayed for a short time..... until the day she slipped and broke her wrist and had to be replaced by Jo. Mommy and Daddy took me to specialist after specialist and they all said that there was no hope.... nothing they could do.... but wait. They got scared out of their wits the day Jo got the virus and had to leave.. they thought I might get it too, but I didn't. Thank You, Father! They worked day and night trying to get another one. Finally she came and I called her "Cau-Cau".


By the time I was 6 months old I had a little more control of my head and legs. I liked to lift my legs up straight over my head and throw them out side-ways. Daddy called it "doing the splits". But the doctor was afraid I'd throw my hips out of joint, so he put a brace on them. Oh, how I hated that brace even though I knew it was good for me.


After we moved to a big ranch in the country, Cau-Cau would take me for long rides in my stroller an go-cart in the fresh air. Then I'd see the bright colors of the birds wings and the sweet music; and ya know what? I think of Up Here! Sometimes I would forget myself and try to fly. I missed my wings so much there on earth. I would get disappointed when I'd flap my arms and get nowhere.


Then things got worse! A lot of things started happening... fast! All the other children got the mumps ... and so did I! One side of my face swelled up, then went down; the other side was much worse and before anyone could do anything, the fever hit my brain.


Late Saturday they took my temperature... it was 106 F.! By Sunday it had gone up to 108! Only part of the time was I conscious. I could only see things... dimly. Most of the time I was reaching up for Your arms, Father, for I knew You were very close. You were coming for me. Mommy said a little prayer of thanksgiving for You letting me stay those two years.


Then suddenly it happened.... You came. You came for me and I could feel myself being lifted up. Everything was bright... it sounded like the rustling of millions of angles wings. My heart started beating again.... fast! My head didn't hurt anymore.


Well, Father, that's how it happened Down There. That's how I delivered Your message and I'm sure they got it. They learned for one thing, that there are many mansions or "rooms" in Your earthly house:


There's one for the strong,

And one for the sick.

A room for the healthy

And one for the weak.

A room for those born with ten talents,

And for those born with only one.

A room for the rich

And one for the poor.

A room for everyone and everything made in Your image and likeness.

In Your house Down There there are many rooms where we study and teach to get ready to move into Your big bright room Up Here.


We did pretty well, in that room of Your House, huh Father? We taught them to see the purpose in pain, and messages of the crosses they have to carry around. You know, now when Daddy sings in his big rodeo shows, he has a lot of big spotlights making a cross in the center of the arena. It's sort of a symbol of what's happened to him to mama. The cross has become a great big thing in the middle of their lives. And every thing else in their lives now sort of moves around it, like a wheel around a hub.


They're a lot stronger since they got Our Message. There's a new glory inside them and every thing around them. And they made up their minds to give it to everyone they meet. The sun's a lot brighter on that ranch in Encino since We stopped off for a little while.


And now, Father, please..... could I just go and try out my wings now?