My Little One


written November 2007 for Shiana





Your soft skin touches my breast as you sleep in my arms.

I savor the moment, holding you, cuddling you.

Your long black hair tickles my nose as I bend to kiss the top of your head.

Your little hand grasps my finger, even in sleep not wanting to let go.

I look down at you, and wonder at the perfectness of you.

You are not mine, yet there is a bond between us.

I smell your baby scent... and watch your every move.

You are still an infant, only 6 months old, yet I already see an awakness in you.

You are curious about your surroundings... you awake and smile up to me.

You laugh, you swing your arms around in all directions, you kick your feet.

There is a lot of movement in you.... you will be an active child!

We play together, then it's time for you to rest.... and to grow a little bit more.

My little one... sleep now, and dream sweet dreams. Grandma is watching over you...