In Memory of Terry Starkey

July 21, 1950 - August 12, 2006




In high school, Terry and I were unseparable. We shared all the usual things that teenage girl friends share. We went out on double dates together and we were together at all school events.


This was Terry's senior year picture:



Every Sunday we drove to Balboa Park for folk dancing, as well as often attending evening dance classes during the week.



In 1970 she was one of my bride's maids at my wedding.




Terry - me - Debbie Armstrong


After that, I moved away to Germany. For some time we kept the usual contact and saw each other on my visits back home. I'm not sure when contact stopped, I think it was when she got married and moved away from our home town.


The last time I saw her was at our 20th class reunion in 1988.  I remember her wearing a fancy white outfit with a funny hat. Unfortunately we hardly had a chance to talk or visit with each other.



This is the only picture I have of that meeting. Here we are, together with Megan Hart, or as we knew her, Margaret Baker.

with husband, Willi Lorenzen


Terry, I won't forget you!


from a portrait I borrow from her mom