Flying Friends now gone

In Memory of my flying buddies

They’ve flown their last flight……

Harald Bausbacher

22.04.1958 – 04.07.2010

A flying friend from LSV Worms

Harald was one of my flight students. As a tax accountant he gave me many tips and saved me a lot of money with my yearly income tax. He was one of the biggest supporters of my English classes and was also one of the first to pass my English exam. Harald, you are missed!


Karl-Heinz Stegmeier

at my birthday party 2000

A flying friend from LSC Babenhausen

Karl-Heinz was a fun person… always smiling! He let me steer his plane a few times during my early years at LSC Babenhausen. It was a shock to hear of his death.

Thomas Bäumler

Here with my parents on our trip to the USA.

Thomas wasn’t just a flying friend from the Walldürn flying club but also my partner for a number years. He was a glider flight instructor as well as a juror at aerobatic glider competitions. A couple of times I served as his assistant.

He died in 2012 from health issues. 

My various homes


I was born in Annapolis, Maryland, USA. I don’t have any pictures of my first home, but we did at once live in a Quanset house.
In 1954 or so, we moved to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where we lived for 2 years.


We then moved to El Cajon, California, where we bought a house. Before that we lived in Chula Vista and that’s where I started going to school.


Our house in El Cajon 1956:




We did lots of work on the house, added a patio and lived in it for many years!! As my parents got older, we added a „Granny“ house in the backyard. My younger brother, Carl, moved into the main house with his wife, Alice, and kids. He still lives there today, 2019. 



2008, Egypt; 2. Tag

Day 2                          January 9, 2008

Luxor / Karnak Temple

Today was our first excursion planed, boarding a bus for the near-by Temple of Karnak. Our guide, Mohammed, told us before and during the tour lots of information about the history of the largest temple in the world! And, believe me, it was huge!

There are no words to describe the awesomeness of the place! And, as soon as you see one section, you walk on and more sections open up. It was extremely fascinating. I won’t even attempt to describe it.

At first we were guided by Mohammed, then we had an hour of free time to walk around as we pleased. That gave me time to take lots of pictures!

After the tour there we returned to the ship for lunch. Then we had time to rest before the next excursion at 16:30. This was an extra tour, first with a drive through the city, then a visit to a farm, and back to Karnak.


2008 Egypt; Day 1

Day 1;             January 8, 2008

 Arriving in Luxor

As usual, I awoke before my alarm went off, which had been set for 3:00 a.m. I washed my hair, got dressed, and made the last preparations. My suitcase had already been brought to the airport the evening before, so what was packed, was packed….. no more re-packing.

I then walked to the train station, bought my ticket, and waited in the cold until it arrived punctually at 4:41. At the 5th station I got off to catch the airport bus which left there at 5:01. The bus was amazingly full, but mostly with airport workers. The ride itself was only 10 minutes.

I arrived at the gate on time! Because of lots of construction going on, I had to walk a very long way to get to it! Boarding was supposed to start at 6:00, with departure at 6:45, but for some reason it was a bit delayed. But soon we boarded airport buses which took us to the Air Berlin A 320 for the short flight to Nürnberg. In spite of the short flight time, we were served drinks and a snack. The flight was full of vacationers planning to go on in various directions from Nürnberg to Fuerte Ventura, Mallorca, etc., etc.

I had never been in Nürnburgs new terminal. It was fairly large and very modern…. and crowded! It seemed to be a hub for Air Berlin flights, which also seemed to be scheduled to depart at around the same time. I had a bit of time to people watch and I noticed that, with the exception of a few students, everyone was my age and older! Like with the flight from Frankfurt, it seemed to be an old folk’s home on tour!

We soon boarded the LTU A 321 for our flight to Luxor. The flight was fully booked! And again, it was an old folks’ home on wings! The flight time was about 4 hours.

As with the flight from Frankfurt, I had a window seat and soon I was already taking pictures! Of course, some may not come out, but I took one of the Munich airport,

after that the Alp mountains, which were covered with snow and just gorgeous.

The route went along Slovenia, then to the Mediterranean, which was partly covered with clouds. Soon I saw below me a desert coast…. we had arrived at North Africa. I attempted again to take some pictures. Then the captain pointed us to a long, dark strip to the left of us (the side I was sitting on), informing us that that was the Nile River valley.

  As we approached Luxor, we flew direct over the Nile, which you could see meandering in the middle, or on the side, of that green valley area. Soon we were preparing for our landing at Luxor, again right on schedule.

It appeared as if the airport has a new runway, since the one left of us was blocked off and looked unused. A part of it was used as a taxiway toward a large and also seemingly new terminal. There were only two airplanes parked at the apron and it looked like the airfield doesn’t see very much in the way of traffic.


We headed for the passport control where those without a visa received their sticker and we turned in our coupons from the travel agent. Everyone pushed and shoved to the counter, even though it was clear no one would be left out. One idiot stood on my foot and didn’t even notice my complaint. The passengers were from at least two different travel groups, the largest one being Phoenix Travels, my group.

Then we picked up our bags from the baggage claim and went outside where another representative of Phoenix travel told us which bus to board and the name of the ship we were assigned. My ship had the name “Marquis II”.

Since everyone had booked different categories of trips, we were soon going our different ways. My bus had about 10 people. A young German gal, Stephanie, greeted us on board and pointed out a few sights to us on our short drive to the Nile and our ship. One of the sights was the temple of Karnak which would be our first sightseeing tour on Wednesday. While waiting for the bus to get on the way, I turned on my handy and got connection, so I could give Hermann and Regina a call to tell them I had arrived safe and sound.

We arrived at the pier where our ship was tied. The water level of the Nile was pretty low so that the gangway was tricky. We had to walk over that to one ship, walk through three ships until reaching our own. Luckily, we didn’t have to carry our baggage, that was done by the many Egyptian workers. We had been told not to give the workers any tips since that was taken care of by Phoenix.

My first impression of the ship was ok. We went first up to the salon on the 3rd floor. Here we were met by a young Egyptian, Mohammed, who would be our main tour representative. He spoke good German and explained to us the procedures and schedule. We were only one of a number of groups on the ship. According to Mohammed, the ship was fully booked, though we didn’t see that many people around. We then when back downstairs to receive out cabin number and collect our luggage.

My cabin is on level one, right above the water line. It’s a small, compact room containing 2 single beds and its own rest room complete with shower. There was even a hair dryer.

The room appeared clean and I had no reason for complaints. It had a weird smell, but I assume that has to do with the type of cleaning materials used. The bedding was also clean. There was a telephone plus a television, complete with German television (ZDF).

I unpacked my stuff, hanging some things in the closet, then freshened up before going on a tour of the ship. It was now about 1600 local time. We were scheduled to meet Mohammed again at 1800 for the next instructions.

On board the ship we not only had the salon, which was also the entertainment room, but a bar room and a relative elegant restaurant where all the meals were served, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in buffet style. All drinks between 1000 and 2400 are included in the “all-inclusive”. Behind the salon is an outside deck where coffee and cake is served. At the rear of the ship is a small swimming pool. It, too, looked very clean.

A young couple from my group was standing at the reeling, looking over the Nile. Soon we started talking and getting to know each other and, together with a lady I sat next to during the talks, we now have our little group for during the meals. As is common on such vacation trips, we were soon on first name terms. Anna and Wolfgang are from Bavaria, and Rosi is from Berlin. Rosi received the trip as a gift from her daughter for her 60th birthday. She had lived in Cairo some 3 years ago and intended to use the trip just to relax. Later …….. from Rudolfstadt joined our table.

All meals were served buffet style with enough choice of salads, main dishes, and desserts for everyone, even me, to find something. In the evening our little group sat together in the salon and enjoyed some of the wine served…. and it wasn’t bad, either. But soon we each went to our respective cabins, where I started writing this report.


2011 The building of Regina’s House

In 2011 Regina and her husband, Sven, decided to build a house. They found a plot in Hergershausen, a small part of Babenhausen. So that Sven’s parents could follow the construction, I put it step by step in my homepage. They started having it built in 2011, but didn’t move in until 2012.

February  2, getting the foundation ready

February 6, getting the piping installed for the usual water and electricity stuff






February 8, the kids inspect the progress


February 22 / the house arrives!

The workers arrived at 6:00 am and got to work. By the time I arrive, around 2:00 pm, the first floor was already standing. It was already possible to take a tour…….

It’s finally turning into a house


 The kids prefered the dirt outside

Beginning the inside, here the kitchen

The large window/doors leading to the back yard from the living room und proud Regina

Already getting the roof

Routine controls by the customs police, looking for illegal workers. All the paperwork was ok!

view from childrens room to staircase leading downstairs and view from childrens room to back yard

living room area as viewed from the stairs

main bath room upstairs

tiles almost done….

putting the tiles down for the patio

March 29; scaffolding is off…..

inspecting the progress

a closet/Abstellkammer put in under the stairs

The utility room with a door to the outside

up stairs the entrance door to the attic

The guest bathroom on the ground floor


The remains of the traditional celebration tree

May 7; getting the kitchen prepared and fixing the first furniture pieces with the help from a girl friend

The drive / car parking spot / front of house and the grass is planted in the back yard

The barbecue is all set up and also a pool

The kids arrived on Saturday and understandably excitement was high. But they were more interested in the surprises built in the back yard then they were about their rooms!

and Sven’s parents come to visit

Then the girls finally got to see their new rooms























1968, High School graduation

For 4 years I attended the El Cajon Valley High school. Then it was time to graduate. The time in the school I really enjoyed.

After it I attended the San Diego State college (it’s now a university). I just enjoyed going to school and learning. I only spent one year there. I’ll write more about it in a different entry.

1950, My Beginnings

This was our first home. Not much, but that was standard for the times, a so-called „quanset“ hut!

To start off with, I was born on Feruary 23, 1950 in Annapolis, Maryland, USA. My dad was with the Navy and stationed there and as far as I know, he actually taught at the Navy academy.


                                                                                                                  so, even then I liked cats!!

already bekomming a coke addict !! here with my mom

 and here with  my dad!


and here is my dads mom with me and my older brother, Bob.


Then of course Christmas was celebrated:


1959, Mexican Wedding in El Cajon

In 1959 I was asked by neighbors of ours if I’d be flower girl at their daughters wedding. Of course I said yes. The family were Mexicans so it was an interesting event.

Here is how I looked:

Here are a few pictures of the wedding itself. Our church back then was just a roofed patio because the new church wasn’t built yet.

The bridal couple with her parents.

I kept that dress for many years and in 2006 my eldest grand daughter, Tamara, tried it on. That was fun to see. As you can see, it was Christmas time and Tamara spent a few days at my home.

1966-1968, High School Banner Corp

From my sophomore until my senior year at El Cajon Valley High School I proudly marched in the banner corb. It was so much fun! We marched in many parades and competitions.

The smallest girls were on the ends, the taller ones in the middle! We marched in Long Beach a couple of times. We drove there on a bus, stopping at a restaurant on the way.

This was our uniform for the ast two years. We had a different one in my Freshman year. Which I only lost in my last moves. Of course we marched in our local Mother Goose parade which took place every year. Suring the one year it rained, but we tried to take part anyway. And we managed to get in the newspapers!

2008, 40 yrs. Class Reunion

Saturday, 23 Aug. 2008

I managed to attend the 2008 reunion. Here are a few of the pictures. 

By chance the night before I got an inspiration and wrote a poem. I called it “ Memories in a bag“. I had with me a cloth bag my mom had sewn and I had a few ECVHS items in it which I removed and described. I couldn’t add many names because I wasn’t sure anymore if I was right. Sooooorrry But I did manage to get a few…….

Marvin Bauer had the „priviledge“ of introducing me. Thanks Marv!

In the picture below you see my school sweater and the previous reunion T-shirts.

Here I am reading the poem. The poem I’ll add in an extra entry.

Enjoying some chats with long lost friends!!

And  of course I got to meet lots of former classmates. It was great fun!! Some of the lower, individual portraits were taken at the Sunday get-together.

One of my main reasons for the poem, I noticed that my former best friend, Terry Starkey, wasn’t on the list of the deceased.

Mickey Hatch and Linda?


            ???, Cheryl Tate, Marvin Bauer,  Jim Bolda

   Jim Supinger and  David Maier